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DISCLAIMER: This has only been tested on my machine!

DISCLAIMER 2: BashJect has moved to GitHub

BashJect is a minimalist bash project manager. It allows you to switch your shell between different environnements. This is particularly useful for not polluting your main bashrc with environnement variables, aliases and functions specific to one project.

It works in a very simple yet configurable way:

Random features:

Here's the help message:

        - Add a project with 'bashject add name path'
        - Enter a project with 'bashject set name'
        - Customize his environment with 'bashject edit name' (or editing his {BASHJECT_PRJ_DIR}/{BASHJECT_PRJ_FILE})

    Exported vars:
        - BASHJECT_PRJ_NAME: name of the project
        - BASHJECT_PRJ_PATH: path to the root of the project

        - bashject a|add      name path     # Adds a project
        - bashject s|set      name          # Enter a project
        - bashject source     name          # Source the project file of the specified project (useful to handle common envs)
        - bashject edit       name          # Edit the project file of the specified project with {EDITOR}
        - bashject rm|remove  name          # Remove the project (no filesystem modifications)
        - bashject rename     old    new    # Rename the project (no filesystem modifications)
        - bashject path       name          # Echoes a project's path
        - bashject names                    # Echoes all projects, separated by whitespaces
        - bashject list                     # Echoes all projects, separated by newlines (useful with dmenu, for example)
        - bashject cd                       # cd to the current project root path
        - bashject help       [cmd]         # Display global or specific command help

    Configuration (to override values, define them before sourcing this file)
        - BASHJECT_PRJ_STORE                # File in which we store all projects configuration  (default: '', current: '/home/ben/work/.projects')
        - BASHJECT_PRJ_FILE                 # Name of the project file, created at his root and sourced on 'bashject set'  (default: '', current: '.prj_env')
        - BASHJECT_CHANGE_PROMPT            # 1 to change the prompt to '[ BASHJECT_PRJ_NAME ] PS1' > on 'bashject set'  (default: '', current: '1')
        - BASHJECT_ALIAS                    # Name of an alias for bashject to define (i.e: 'bj'), autocompletion will be handled (default: '', current: 'bj')
        - BASHJECT_TMP                      # Temp file used for rename and remove operations (default: '', current: '/tmp/bashject.tmp')

To use it, download the last version straight from GitHub and just source it from your main bashrc:

[ -f "$BASHJECT" ] && source $BASHJECT

Example of a dmenu integration:


source "$HOME/.bashject"
cmd=`bashject list | dmenu -i -p "Select Project " -nf '#888888' -nb '#222222' -sf '#ffffff' -sb '#285577'`
if [ ! -z $cmd ]; then
    bashject set $cmd
    exec gvim .